Greenie Package


Greenie Package




This package is for your favorite greenie. Sticking with the theme, everything’s green!
Your elder or sister will appreciate their missionary care package. Each missionary care package includes a free letter, photo greeting card and a custom packaging color theme. This is an excellent service for mission moms, missionary dads, friends!

  • 4 Mountain Dews / Sprite / 7up
  • 1 Mentos Green
  • 1 Skitters Green
  • 1 Stardust Green
  • 1 Nerds/ Mike Ike
  • 1 Chips Green
  • 1 M&M Green
  • 6 pack of Casino Green ( cookies with fillings mints)
  • 1 Skittles
  • 1 Pringles Green
  • 1 Nito Green Bimbo (muffin decorated with chocolate flavor glasse)
  • 1 Trident Green
  • 1 Bag of Hard Candy


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