Online Shopping

You can choose your package or just simply choose the products that you desire to send. After your selection you can click checkout and move forward to the checkout section where you can enter the shipping information. You will be able to add a Message to your missionary.

In case you have a coupon code you will be able to enter it in the Checkout section


Online Payment

PayPal is the easiest way to make the payment. If you haven’t created a PayPal account yet, we encourage you to do it! It’s simple, easy to use and reliable.

If there is any type of problem, you can always get your refund.


Prepare the Package

Once your purchase your package our system generates an order that we receive. With that information we try to prepare your package as soon as we can. Preparing your package may vary in time depending how many orders we have.


My Missionary Package deliver your package to the mission home cause missionaries are not allowed to personally receive their packages, all must be sent to the mission office. MMP works in coordination with mission secretaries, we follow rules provided us for each LDS mission home in Perú, Bolivia & Colombia.

Most of the times, if circumstances allow it, we will take pictures of your deliveries to guarantee the package has been delivered.


Follow up

For us is very important that you can trust in our services. For that reason, we provide the option to follow up with us if you have any question regarding your package.

We have been developing strong relationships with the missions in these countries, to be able to work with them and track the status of your package.

If you ever wonder where your package may be, please don’t hesitate to message us:


  • I was impressed with the level of communication and care the was provided with my order to my son in Peru. The prices were fair, the packages nice, and the follow through was excellent. I highly recommend them.

    His son is Elder Zackary Riddick

    Peru Iquitos Mission